Northern Vision Development Limited Partnership (“NVD”) and Vuntut Gwitch’in Limited Partners (“VGLP”), who together own the condominiums that comprise the building previously known as Spook Creek Station, announced plans today to change the name of the building located at 9016 Quartz Road.

Originally named “Spook Creek Station” after the area in which the building is situated and given the fact that the back deck of the building connects with the riverfront trolley line platform, the name of the area has come under recent criticism due to negative racial connotations.

“The controversy around the name provides us with the chance to show our own convictions about racial insensitivity and inequality,” said Piers McDonald, Chairman of NVD. “It also gives us the chance to celebrate the history of the area more broadly by adopting a name in the Ta’an Kwäch’än dialect.”

The building sits in Ta’an Kwäch’än’s traditional territory and right across from Kishwoot Island which is a part of the Ta’an settlement lands.

“Tàgä Shrō Station uses the Tàän dialect meaning “Big River”, of course referring to the Yukon River that flows past this location. This dialect is the original language of the area upon which the City of Whitehorse, including the majority of NVD’s assets, rest.” Said Shirley Adamson, NVD Board Member and Ta’an citizen.

“By adopting First Nation words for the name of the building, we are also able to celebrate the fact that NVD is almost 40% owned by Yukon First Nations who have been incredibly supportive of the development of NVD over the years,” commented Rich Thompson, CEO of NVD.

The owners will continue to keep “Station” in the name in hopes that the trolley may once again make its way along the Yukon River up to the picturesque spot where the building is located, and in recognition of the architectural notes reflected in the building design.

The Property Manager had been directed to remove the old name from the building this week and the new name will be put in place as soon as practical.


For more information please contact:


Piers McDonald
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NVD, Chair of the Board

Shirley Adamson
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NVD Director

Rich Thompson
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Jérôme Casanova
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NVD, Property Manager