Titanium Way Rental and Condos

Titanium Way is Whitehorse’s leading Business Park, attracting many of the Yukon’s top companies. Conveniently located five minutes from downtown Whitehorse, Titanium Way enjoys a unique and picturesque location next to the historic Yukon River waterfront.

Prime commercial office spaces are located in 166 Titanium Way and both leasing and purchase opportunities in 170 Titanium Way and the Trade Centre I. Both buildings are owned in part by NVD in a joint venture partnership with Yukon First Nations.

These attractive buildings reflect the quality of the structures already built in the area and are energy efficient with low operation costs. All of the commercial spaces in both buildings are currently leased.

Current tenants at 166 Titanium Way include: Goldcorp Kaminak Ltd., Dispute Resolution Board, Long, Lean and Mean Pilates, Canines and Company Dog Obedience School, On Point Hunting Dog Training and Nutrition. NVD owns one condo unit at 170 Titanium Way leased to the Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon – the other condo units in the building have been sold – Tangerine Technology, and Chinook Bookkeeping. The White River First Nation leases the one condo unit that NVD owns in Trade Centre I.