Yukon First Nations Hospitality Leadership Scholarship Program

Northern Vision Development (NVD) is proud to present this Hospitality Leadership Scholarship award to Lisa Anderson of Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation. Lisa is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Administration studies at Yukon College/University.

NVD is committed to giving back to their First Nation unitholders by investing in post-secondary education to support the education and development of our future leaders in the communities, and who have a specific interest in a career in the hospitality and accommodations industry.

For detailed information regarding this scholarship, please click on the link below.

Fund source: Northern Vision Development (NVDLP)
Deadline for Applications: June 1st

NVD is offering one scholarship valued at $5,000 annually. This scholarship will be awarded on an annual rotating basis to a citizen from:

  • Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation (2019)
  • Ta’an Kwach’an Council (2020)
  • Carcross Tagish First Nation (2021)
  • Selkirk First Nation (2022)
  • Na-Cho Nyak Dun (2023)

The candidate must have a keen interest in pursuing a certificate, diploma, or undergraduate/graduate degree in business, and/or hospitality/tourism sectors. The contribution of $5,000 is to be used towards tuition and other education expenses (either in Yukon or elsewhere in Canada at a qualified program). In addition to the financial support, NVD will commit to providing the candidate with paid
co-op work experience throughout the tenure of their education, rotating the candidate through various areas within NVD operations in order to provide hands on experience and growth.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the scholarship under this program:

  • be a citizen of any of the Yukon First Nations as noted above;
  • interested in the Food & Beverage, or Hospitality/Tourism industry as a career;
  • be prepared to pursue and qualify for admission to a program offering a certificate, diploma or undergraduate degree in Business, Hospitality or Tourism education programs.

General Scholarship Guidelines
Scholarships are provided for the academic year that begins in the fall term (September) of the year of the application and continues through the following year to the end of the winter term or the spring term. The scholarship must be claimed by August 30th. Awards not claimed by this date are forfeited. The scholarship will continue so long as the candidate is achieving passing grades within their program and advancing on a normal basis towards completion. Scholarship recipients who are in good standing with their programs will automatically requalify for the duration of the program they are enrolled in.

Further details:

  • One eligible person from a targeted First Nation will be awarded a scholarship each year.
  • $5000 maximum per year to attend a post secondary education as follows:
    • In Yukon – any business-related degree program or hospitality certificate program
    • Outside Yukon (BC or AB only) – hospitality and tourism-related program at a qualified institution acceptable to both the candidate and NVD.
  • Each summer must maintain a certain grade point average they would work for us within the company.

Scholarship awarded based on:

  • proof of citizenship with a focused First Nation identified above
  • Completed application form
  • Two (2) reference letters from non-family members
  • Description or name of course applied for or copy of Letter of acceptance from education institution
  • Students applying must currently be employed in and/or have intentions of pursuing a career in the business, hospitality/tourism industry.

Cristine Hume
Payroll Manager
Phone: (867) 668-7886 or payroll@yukonhotels.com