Annual Reports

NVD produces an audited Annual Report to unit holders and a management-prepared Semi-Annual report to unit holders. As the partnership has more than 85 unitholders, it presents its financial reports in the same format one would expect from public companies. Provided here are the annual and semi annual reports for the past few years
  • 2013 Semi-Annual Report

    A year of transition for NVD, the 2013 Semi Annual Report highlights the high pace of acquisition and growth activity that characterized the first half of 2013.

  • 2012 Annual Report

    2012 marked the achievement of many important milestones for NVD including the completion of an important liquidity event and the completion of both River’s Reach and Waterfront Station on the Partnership’s core waterfront lands.

  • 2012 Semi – Annual Report

    The first half of 2012 saw the Partnership making impact with the completion of its first luxury residential condominium project, substantial renovations to the High Country Inn, and brisk sales performance for the Titanium Way Business Park.

  • 2011 Annual Report

    During 2011, the focus of the Partnership was on achieving operating performance gains while simultaneously embarking on a comprehensive development program aimed at unlocking asset value for unit holders.