Our Team

NVD prides itself on hiring the best and brightest in Whitehorse and is always looking for new talent to add to our team. Find out more »

NVD Head Office

Rich Thompson

Chief Executive Officer


Philip Fitzgerald

Chief Financial Officer

Denny Kobayashi

President, Real Estate Sales

Adam Gerle

VP Marketing & Sales

Kristine Hildebrand

VP Asset Management

Alexis Brandt

Director, Human Resources

Jerome Casanova

Senior Property Manager

Marianne Lafreniere

Executive Assistant CEO & CFO

Monika Kozlerova

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

admin@nvdlp.com                  867-668-7886 Ext. 1101

Gero Gonzalo

Real Estate Accountant

867-333-9886 Ext. 1106

NVD Hotels

Dylan Soo

General Manager - Whitehorse Hotels

Adam Gerle

General Manager - Dawson City Hotels

Kyle McKinnon

Revenue Manager

Jacqui Connolly

Conference & Group Sales Manager

Tanya Boone

Tour & Group Coordinator

867-668-7886 Ext. 1209

Criseyda Guevara

Hotel Accountant

867-668-7886 Ext. 1207